Apps are now available on smart phones and some not so smart phones to access emails and Chrome and other search engines.


Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. So is life. People are more akin to mobile devices and barely have the time to go window shopping.


Customers want access to everything, everywhere. But we understand that this is a daunting task for banks and financial institution.


The telecom industry is a dynamic one. Keeping up with the advancement of technology and running a business at that pace can prove a bit too much.


CBN Tech offers a wide range of IT Solutions that keep pace with the ever-changing technology scenario. The company has its thrust on hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry and to generate the next-gen solutions that give our clients the best competitive edge.

Application Consulting

CBN Tech addresses IT Application Consulting from the business perspective and aids clients by adapting to their own implementation technology. CBN Tech derives from its experience to offer comprehensive application lifecycle services, also taking charge of the existing operational management, while working simultaneously to simplify the IT landscape.

Application Outsourcing

CBN Tech provides most industrialized, with strong hold on SLAs, with the best practices of the industry. When you outsource a job or a process to CBN Tech, it is not only about reducing your costs, but also adding more value to your business. At CBN Tech there is a commitment to continuously improve our services to meet the demands of the changing dynamics of the market.

Cloud Services

The cloud Technologies at CBN tech help businesses to build robust platforms that are essential to operate in today’s fast-paced digital world. CBN Tech offers practical approaches to adopting cloud-based platforms for business success. With cloud becoming the most viable option for all IT related products, most enterprises are not still confident about the adaptation. There is an increasing need to transform from legacy technology to cloud technology.

Digital Services

Digital services at CBN Tech involve a disruption in the way businesses think and work and the way they engage with customers and network. CBN Tech understands your industry and helps you to take the next leap in Digitization. It is more about moving from business where profit making is the motive to value realization, which is most needed for a sustainable and profitable growth.

Workforce Management

In the ever-changing dynamic felid of Human Resources, there is a greater need for systems and solutions that lead you to find the right talent. CBN Tech offers solutions to help ease the efforts of HR departments. In companies, which understand that it is the right kind of people who drive businesses forward, and there is real value that can be derived from the talent, CBN Tech has a lot to offer.

Testing services

CBN Tech has taken the extra leap in offering Testing and Quality Assurance services. CBN Tech not only detects and prevents defects in software but also protects the corporate image, which is integral to the overall strategy. CBN Tech meets the growing demands of the market for a efficient and better user interface by using automation, adoption of agile, devOps and cloud services.

Product and Engineering

CBN Tech adopts new age digital technologies and engineering models which is essential today for global R&D networks to create more innovative products faster. CBN Tech partners with your enterprise to build successful products and services through our solutions for Digital Engineering in a Connected World.

Mobile Solutions

CBN tech understands how mobiles have become key to the way enterprises conduct their business. This helps employees and customers to be always-on and powering the next wave of connected services—the Internet of Things. Enterprise mobility goes beyond mobile apps – it's about ensuring a ‘mobile first’ business.

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    R.N Raju, CEOMr Raghavendra Chary, IT HeadMark Mincin, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • ...... Mahidhara Chemicals has partnered with CBN for digital transformation. Mahidhara is a leading global specialty chemicals company having around 17,000 employees working worldwide. Our business is organized in four key business areas – catalysis, care chemicals, natural resources, plastics, and coatings. CBN implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to digitally transform the sales processes at Mahidhara and create more transparency about the sales data and how this transformation helped in their business goals.
    R.N Raju, CEO
    - Mahidhara Chemicals (P) Ltd.
  • ......CBN has helped optimize the applications to allow my enterprise to schedule the photo appointments of five million high-school graduates through e-mails and mobile phones. The application will provide our business lot of value in the sense that we can manage labor and costs and service levels much more efficiently.
    Mr Raghavendra Chary, IT Head
    - Cresent Technologies (P) Ltd.
  • ......CBN revamped Epicor’s IT helpdesk and data center operations resulting in near zero downtime and delightful customer experience. Epicor Software Corporation is a US- based company that provides industry-specific cloud and on-premise software for verticals such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service. Over the years, it has grown through numerous acquisitions and one of the resultant challenges is the complexity from disparate infrastructure, applications, and processes. We teamed up with CBN when we decided to consolidate our 28 data centers and build a migration strategy.
    Mark Mincin, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
    - Epicor