CBN Tech addresses IT Application Consulting from the business perspective and aids clients by adapting to their own implementation technology. CBN Tech derives from its experience to offer comprehensive application lifecycle services, also taking charge of the existing operational management, while working simultaneously to simplify the IT landscape.

Open source enterprise application integration solutions let you more easily adopt new initiatives, adapt new technologies, and automate processes—so your technology becomes a catalyst for business success, not a hindrance to it.To maximize these benefits, you need effective strategy and planning. CBN Consulting helps you define a solution using integration technologies that consider your specific requirements, IT landscape, and business constraints.

CBN Implementation Technology includes the following steps:

  • Project Strategy: Planning all the deliverable

  • Analysis, Design and Construction: Developing the business intelligence and technical infrastructure

  • Integration Testing: Complete testing of the business intelligence solutions.

  • Production Deployment: Testing prior to the actual roll-out to ensure production quality

  • Production Roll-out: Actual implementation making it ready for end users