Supply chain organizations / Logistic organizations are on the move. The industry has shrank the globe by the ease of people and freight movement as well as moved from traditional usage technology for optimizing inventory, transport costs, workforce and manufacturing overheads.

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference; nations enforced mechanisms and companies contributing to limiting pollution CBN Tech helps to innovate solutions for multi-channel integration to increase digitized market, advanced analytics to gain real time insights across business processes.

Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearable devices for traceability and optimization, Robotics for sorting packages, Cloud for operational visibility and Smart apps for collaboration and many more to handle more volume with lesser environmental footprints.

Our strong presence and expertise in logistics has provided digital transformation across the value chain.

The CBN Tech advantage:

  • Introducing next-generation technology without expensive resource retraining, experimentation or

  • Optimizing cost of applications by leveraging alternative sourcing and delivery models

  • Participation in development of a strategic IT vision

  • Fall back option for specialized IT skills and burst capacity

  • Value addition through domain expertise

  • Take the pain out of day-to-day management of IT human resources