Digital services at CBN Tech involve a disruption in the way businesses think and work and the way they engage with customers and network. CBN Tech understands your industry and helps you to take the next leap in Digitization. It is more about moving from business where profit making is the motive to value realization, which is most needed for a sustainable and profitable growth.

CBN Tech helps new market entrants by merging the online, mobile and physical store experiences. Maintains the consumer relevance, dealing with data explosion and also creating smart products to create new services.

The Digital Service Exchange platform is where service demands such as content requisitions from various departments will be generated and standard catalogue with defined service utility and warranty will be provided to business, and IT and users, which can then be consumed via multiple access channels.

This offering combines ServiceNow’s industry-leading service management platform with HCL’s expertise in enterprise service management process design, process and technology integration and organizational change enabling a united service experience. Examples of the services in the digital exchange include Smart Content-as-Service, Smart Analytics-as-a-Service, Smart Commerce-as-a-Service and Smart Asset Services.

“Most organizations are trapped in too much email and excessive administration, and need to automate their business processes,” said Tom Moore, vice president of Global Service Providers and Integrators, ServiceNow. “By transforming the service model, CBN is helping customers escape from the email morass to automate tasks and drive business performance.”

CBN Tech Digital services include:

  • Offering Digital Consumer experience

  • Insights and Data to help take informed and calculated decisions

  • Product and engineering services with solutions for Digital engineering in a connected world.

  • Digital Supply chain to standardize and integrate systems and data with best in class industry expertise to offer cloud based platforms with business as a service model.

  • Digital manufacturing to steer a digital transformation journey to build smart connected plants and products and adopt new business models.